In "Writing History," how to sort by latest date?

Whenever I want to check my wordcount for the last few days, I always have to scroll all the way down to the latest dates in Writing History. Is there a way to sort by latest date so they are on top instead of at the bottom?

You can on the Mac (just by clicking the column headers), but I’ve just tried that in Windows and it doesn’t seem to work.

There’s always been the intention to get the two versions up to parity, though the programming framework they use on Windows has limitations and it isn’t always possible. I imagine that, if it is possible, then it will be on the to do list for a future version, but it can’t hurt to request it on the forum.

Not all tables in the Windows version can be sorted by clicking the cilumn headers, but it’s certainly not a limitation of the platform.

It might be a limitation of the control they get from the toolkit (is it still QT? It used to be) though. That’s the source of many of the gaps between the two platforms, AIUI. Whatever the reason, I imagine it’ll be on list for implementing at some point if possible.

Well, if you’re confident that’s the class they’re using for this control, then that’s good news – you can hope they’ll implement it in future…