Inability to view container's inspector in outliner

I’m not sure this exactly qualifies as a bug, but it seemed the best place to explain it and you can correct me.

If a folder containing subdocuments is selected in the binder, and folders default to corkboard or outliner, often times it loads in the editor with one of the subdocuments selected from the last viewing. If you have enough subdocuments to fill the whole outliner, there is nowhere in the editor that you can click in order to deselect the subdocument and thus have the inspector show file information for the containing folder. The only way around it is to switch to single document mode and then, to view the folder’s notes and synopsis in conjunction with viewing the outline of contents, switch back to outliner.

This isn’t terrible, but it occasionally throws me off when the selected document is out of sight when I first load the folder, and I read the synopsis in the inspector expecting it to be the folder’s synopsis and it turns out to be a (seemingly) random document’s. I don’t know if there’s any way around it because it might require “clickable empty space” that just isn’t doable the way it is in the corkboard, but if there is a way–if deselect, for instance, could be an option–that would be a nice feature. (So maybe this is more wishlist than bug? Sorry.)

You can also Cmd-click on the offending selected file to deselect it, of if you don’t know where that is, just click on any row and then Cmd-Click it.

Ahahahahahaha. I feel stupid now. Thanks.

(It’s this shiny new MBA that some awesome folk gave me for Christmas. The dazzle is blinding me to the obvious!)

That is a fantastic present! :slight_smile: