*Include In* and other Columns in Outliner


Has anyone suggested adding the “Include in project” function as a column in outliner mode? It seems like a column of checkboxes at the outline level would let you build a draft more efficiently (and effectively) than doing it one-at-a-time in the inspector pane.

Ditto for page breaks and formatting… basically everything under the “general” heading in the inspector.

I’ve found some discussion in the forum about customizing the columns in the outline mode–but I didn’t see this issue. Sorry if it’s already been done to death.


I think the reason that you haven’t found it discussed here is that it’s already a feature. :slight_smile: You can choose which columns are visible via the View > Outliner menu or by clicking on the … icon in the top-right of the outliner view itself (in the header bar). All of the columns you suggest can be added.
Hope that helps!
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