"Include In Compile" - Excluding folders and subfolders


I have all of my material (manuscript, research, pictures, etc) in one project. My understanding is that you can uncheck “Include In Compile” when you’re ready to compile your manuscript.

It seems, though, that simply unchecking “Include In Compile” on a folder does NOT uncheck everything in that folder. All items in that folder still have the box checked and, I’m assuming, would be included in the compile.

Help! There’s a TON of items I’m don’t want included.

First off, with a couple exceptions, like choosing to compile a collection, only items in the Draft folder are eligible to be compiled, so whether or not “include in compile” is checked for an item is irrelevant unless it’s within the Draft. From the Draft you can further limit the compile group when you are in compile by selecting just a subfolder of the Draft from the menu in the Contents pane.

It sounds like you have your support material grouped together, so the easiest thing to do here if it is showing up in compile is to just move the entire folder or folders out of the Draft. You can put it as a subdocument of Research or make it a new root level folder; it doesn’t matter, as long as it’s not inside the Draft.

The other option, if you have support material interspersed with the compiling items in the Draft, e.g. a notes document that is kept beside the scene it refers to, is to load all these support items in the outliner and choose View > Outliner Columns > Include in Compile. Holding the Alt key, you can click one box in the column and it will affect the setting for all the outliner contents.

Excellent info and that directly applies to me. Yeah, I have a lot of support material next to the relevant scenes.

I’ll probably use the latter example given. Thanks again.