Include in Page Count option

Not sure if this is where we post feature requests, but here we go!

I’d like to see an option, comparable to the “Compile as-is” or “Included in Draft” options, that would allow us to indicate whether or not we want the page assigned a number once the manuscript is Compiled.

For instance, the first file in my Draft is a title-page. When I compile, that title-page gets counted and given a page number (1), though I’d rather it didn’t. I can also see people having separate pages for chapters, perhaps with epigrams, that they may not want numbered.

I know nothing about programming, so I don’t know how feasible (easy/hard, even possible) this is. I’m also not sure if this is in Scrivener’s demesne or should be reserved for a program that works more with final manuscript preparation. Just a thought, though…