Include Project Notes in Compile

Hi all,

This seems like a simple question but I can’t seem to find an answer… Is there a way to include project notes when compiling?

I’ve got lots of notes all over the place and I’m trying to organize them all and get them into my outline so that I have a plan for my revision. I’m using document notes for things about specific chapters and for things that go into parts but don’t have specific chapter locations (I’m writing a novel with parts). I’ve been putting overall plot notes in the project notes, but I can’t figure out how to get them to print with my outline.

Thanks in advance.

Sure! Just go into the Formatting compile option pane and check off the “Notes” column. In the preview area below, you can set a separate font for notes to set them apart from the main text, if you want. You will need to use the “Override text and notes formatting” checkbox at the top of that pane to make use of that capability. Note you can also disable text here, if you don’t want the entire manuscript as well.

There’s no option in there for project level - it just starts at folder level 1 (my parts folder level).

If you hold down the Option key and click on a checkbox it will enable them all. Also, on any level indicator that has a “+” after it, that means it will impact from that level and deeper. Consequently if you have a very simple set up with only three icon types, they will all be “Level 1+”, and the settings used for them will impact the entire outline from top to bottom for that icon type.

When I hold down the option key, the only change I see is that the “Cancel” and “Compile” buttons become “Save” and “Reset”. I don’t see any level higher than folder level 1. I need to go one level higher, to the manuscript-level notes.

So, for instance, in the binder, I see:


  • Folder (aka level 1 in the compile format menu)
    • Chapter Text

I want the notes at the manuscript level in my compile. (I guess this would be level 0?)

I’m not sure if we are talking about the same things.

There are:

  • Project Notes, which can be used from the Inspector sidebar, or via Project/Project Notes window. There is, incidentally no way to compile or even export these—they are meant to be more like a universal scratch pad for your project than for anything important.
  • Document Notes, which are also used from the Inspector. Each item in the Binder has an associated notepad. This is what I thought you were referring to, and what you would check off the “Notes” checkboxes for in the Formatting pane.
  • Files at any level of the Binder, never officially referred to as “notes” to avoid confusion with the above two features. They can be located in the Draft folder (with the “Include in Compile” checkbox disabled) or outside of the Draft at the top level or in Research.

But there is no level 0, because that would simply be the Draft folder itself (or "Manuscript, if it has been renamed to that), and the Draft only serves as a container for what can be compiled. If stuff is not in that folder it cannot be compiled (well, there is an advanced exception to that, but I would suggest merely indenting your notes into the Draft if all you want to do is print them out for now, just remember to move them back to the top level eventually, or set them to not be included in compile, via the checkbox in the Inspector pane).

That’s fine, but like I said you have to actually click on one of the checkboxes in the Formatting pane to see how it works. Just make sure that is what you mean though: “Notes” in the Formatting pane specifically and only refers to Document Notes, as defined above.

Yeah, it was the project notes that I wanted to compile in my outline. Right now I’m just copying and pasting, so I guess I’ll keep doing that.

Any chance a way to include these in compile (for outline) might be added in the future?


We do have plans to look into this limitation in the future, yes.