Include Status and or Label in compile, to markdown

I’m really enjoying using scrivener to write about and organize a large software development project. As I compose the sections I mark them using the color coded labels to indicate whether the section is in progress, blocked, done, or etc. I want to have this status included when I compile to Markdown (destined for a Github file)

Can we include either the label or status metadata when compiling?

Yes, that is something you can easily do. If you check out the List of All Placeholders cheatsheet in the Help menu, you’ll find that every kind of metadata Scrivener supports has an associated text-based placeholder tag that can be inserted into just about any Compile field available (and indeed in most places where you can type in the project). For label it is simply, “<$label>”. If you want that to be part of the heading, you could use the Title Prefix or Suffix fields in the Section Layout pane. Otherwise the general layout prefix tab might be the best place for something like this.

Here is a thread that might be of interest to you. The implementation is a little more complicated than what you are looking for, but the execution is going to be very similar. There is a sample project included.

Excellent tip. There are a lot of other placeholders that might be useful someday. Thanks