'Included in draft' selection not saved[NOTED]

Howdo again!

I’m running the Beta 1.4 on Windows 7 64bit. I recently painstakingly unchecked all 60 of my chapters, plus their individual scenes, from being ‘included in draft’, because I wanted to compile separate chapters at a time for sending to various folk on my team of critics. However, before I had a chance to compile, I was forced to save everything and shut down Scrivener.

Now I’ve come back… and found every chapter and scene has been marked for inclusion again! I would have expected my selection to be saved.

It wouldn’t be so bad if, in the compile dialog, there was the usual ‘one button unticks/ticks all’ box right at the top of the list. Perhaps that could be included, so that people like me don’t have to manually uncheck over 100 boxes in order to tick the few we do want?


I believe that compile checkbox is still a work in progress, if I remember the buglist for 1.5. …which you might want to upgrade to.


Hi! When you’re in the compile, make sure to expand all the options by hitting the “…” button. (Sounds like you’re already there; just saying it to be thorough.) Then you can click on any checkbox in the “include” column while holding the “alt” key and it will check/uncheck them all.

(This is for 1.5; I don’t recollect whether it was possible in 1.4 or not, but as Rovi said, you should upgrade anyway.)

I can confirm that you can click on any checkbox in the “include” column while holding the “alt” key and it will check/uncheck them all in beta 1.4. This has been available since 1.0.

Saving a previous settings is difficult - not technically, but what happens if one saves a whole bunch of folders and files settings, then you exit out of the compile dialog and begin to rename, move between folders, delete text items etc. etc. how valid is a save of previous settings going to really be for folders and text items?

Thanks folks,

I suppose that knowing the Alt command to uncheck all the checkboxes negates the need to save the ‘Included in draft’ setting. Note, however, that I had unchecked the ‘Included in draft’ option in the sidebar for each file, not the compile settings, before I’d even written the text in the files, let alone clicked on compile.

Also, it seems to me to be a more common practice for there to be a single checkbox at the top of a list of checkboxes, which allows the checking/unchecking of all of 'em. Not knowing to use Alt-click is probably partly due to the current lack of a help file, but it’s not intuitive either…

I didn’t realise 1.5 is already out. Will I need to export all my work, in case the upgrade erases everything? (the upgrade from 1.3 to 1.4 didn’t do this for me, but I read elsewhere that others have had text go missing recently)