Included In Draft Settings Lost and Word Count[BUG LOGGED]

When I uncheck the “include in draft” option for various documents (which are merely notes which I don’t want to be included in any export but also don’t want included in any draft word counts) the setting is retained during the current session but not after closing and reopening the program.

So I exclude a bunch of documents, save and close Scrivener, then come back and they are all showing as having the “include in draft” checkbox checked again.

Also in regards to the Project Statistics the “Count Only Documents/Count All Documents” checkbox doesnt’ seem to work properly. I can select another option (ie “Count Only Documents marked for inclusion”) but this doesn’t update the Project Word Count in the Statistic tab and also isn’t retained when I OK the box then reopen the Project Statistics again.

Would be ideal (and I think it’s the intention of the program) to choose to exclude certain documents which I don’t want to count towards my actual draft’s word count and then adjust the Project Statistics to either include or not include those documents, thereby giving me an accurate reflection on the actual word count of my novel, not of all documents included in the project.