Are there plans to support the RTF “INCLUDETEXT” field in the upcoming version of Scrivener?

I can see two possible ways to use it.

First, it would be a way for Scrivener dynamically to include compatible external files, both into Scrivener internal RTF files and into exported files in compatible formats (RTF et al. being one of them). This would be a big help to me because my manuscripts tend to have pieces generated externally by scripts, in various INCLUDETEXT-compatible formats such as RTF and HTML. It would be much better if I could maintain the separateness of those files and their supporting scripts right through to the end of the process, rather than having manually to import them into Scrivener each time there is a change.

Second, if INCLUDETEXT fields were (optionally) added to the compile-to-RTF process (that is, each Scrivener piece marked as included with a link back to the source Scrivener file), this could lead to a possible way to “undo” the export process after the included files were edited externally, by writing them back into the indicated Scrivener source files (this is not a standard use of INCLUDETEXT). It would also be possible to edit one or more pieces in Scrivener and see the changes reflected in a previously-exported RTF document without a new export, simply by updating the links (this doesn’t appear very useful to me, but I mention it as a possibility).

In general, I just see a kind of similarity of purpose in how Scrivener pieces together files from the binder to produce an exported output file, versus how a Word template based on INCLUDETEXT fields does a somewhat similar thing, but using a text-based hierarchical specification instead of a table.

Greg Shenaut


No, there are no plans to support anything like this, certainly not for 2.0, and no plans further than that either.