"Incoming links" in Scrivener?

(I apologize for my English in advance and I can only hope to make myself clear anyway:)

I’ve tried Scrivener for a couple of days now and I have to say it blows my mind. I’m almost sorry I’ve got some days of free trial left before I have to finally purchase a license…

That aside, I’m writing an academic paper at the moment, and I use the References feature (in the inspector) to link from certain folders in the Draft section to items in the Research section.

So, if in the Draft I have a folder called “New ways of finding music” and I have put an interesting PDF in the Research section, I just drag the PDF from the Binder to the References of said folder.

If I select “New ways of finding music” in the Binder now, I can of course see there’s a link to the PDF.

:arrow_right: But does it work the other way round, too? I.e., can I see incoming links (in this case from that particular Draft folder) to the PDF when I select it in the Binder? That would be very helpful as the project grows larger; to see at one glance how often a particular Research item got linked to from the Draft and thus may have been quoted too often or others not at all etc.

Again sorry for my clumsy way of putting this, yet I hope someone can comment on it.



If I understand you correctly then, no, there is no way to see this, I’m afraid. Links are very simple - no information is kept about how many times a particular file has been referenced elsewhere, or to where.

All the best,

Nevermind, Scrivener is still the coolest application I came across in a long time. And there’s a lot to be said for keeping things simple, so…

Thank you. :slight_smile: