Incompatibility message in Beta 029

So I was typing happily away on my project in Scrivener, when the power suddenly went out for no obvious reason. When it came back on and I rebooted and started up Scrivener (the same version I was using before it went out - I start it from the recently used programs list on the start menu) it says that the project I was working on is not compatible with this version of Scrivener.

OS: windows vista
Scriv. version 0.0.29

Umm…eeep? Is there anyway to recover my last couple days’ worth of work, or is this a lesson in why one ought to make frequent backups?

Here’s a tip repeated recently which has been around before, and sounds like it might help your case, while others are enjoying the week-end.

See if that does it for you - doubt your project is truly lost. If more is needed, am sure Scrivener people will be back on Monday.


Thanks for the idea, Clive. It already says 16, though.

Have you been using a sync service such as Dropbox?

No, I’m not that smart.

If you want to zip the project’s .scriv folder and send it to support AT literatureandlatte DOT com, I can take a peek at it–there might be another file that got corrupted in the crash that’s preventing Scrivener from opening the project. Worst case scenario, we should at least be able to rescue your writing out of it, but probably just fixing a couple of the internal files will get it up and running again. Just right-click on the .scriv folder and choose “Send to \ Compressed (zipped) file” and then attach that to your email. (If the compressed file is larger than 20 MB we’ll need to do something else, so let me know if that’s a problem.)

Thanks, Mouton. It’s a teeny little file, so I sent it on over.

I just had a similar error. After reading some of the posts here regarding using Dropbox, I tried copying my *.scriv folder to a Dropbox folder, then opening the *.scrivx folder from there. I got the same incompatible version error. I checked the text file, and it has “16” in it, too.

In my case, the original *scriv folder is still intact where it always was, and is not in jeopardy. I hope.

Hi copwriter,

I’m not sure what the Dropbox references are about, without context–there’s no reason generally why moving a project from another directory into Dropbox would cause it to open properly, but maybe you were working from Dropbox initially and had moved some of the files out? Or did you have a crash or anything of that nature? In any case, if you want to likewise zip your .scriv folder and send that to the support address, I can take a peek at it, but any details about how you were using the project (with Dropbox, etc.) would be great to attempt to determine what happened.

I was (and will continue) using Scrivener with the *.scriv folders in their original location. It occurred to me that if I was able to store the *.scriv folder in a Dropbox folder, I could open it from my laptop or desktop machine, depending on which one I am in front of. However, shen I tried to copy the *.scriv folder to Dropbox and then open it from within Scrivener, I got the incompatibility message. I went back to using the *.scriv folder in its original location, and have abandoned the Dropbox idea for the moment.