Incompatible Version AFTER Update

I updated my version of Scrivener yesterday morning and everything seemed to be working well. Now, all the sudden, upon opening the program to my project file, I get a popup that says that the project is incompatible with this version of Scrivener.

I tried reinstalling Scrivener and nothing seems to be working. Any ideas?

Most likely this is a quick fix that you can do yourself. First thing, make a copy of your project’s entire .scriv folder, just for safety’s sake. Then, try these steps:

  1. In Windows Explorer, open your project’s .scriv folder, then open the Files folder
  2. Open the “version.txt” file there in a plain-text editor (e.g. Notepad)
  3. In the editor, select all, type “16” (no quotes), then save

Then try opening the project again in Scrivener.

Wow. That is a ridiculously easy fix. And fix it, it did. Thank you so much!

(Now why on earth was the version file empty to begin with?!)

Ah, that’s the twenty-dollar question. For some reason, this file seems particularly susceptible to corruption, so it’s usually the one lost when there’s a crash or something obviously malfunctioning like that, but it also seems to occasionally just go for other reasons as well. Lee’s aware of the issue and is looking into this to make it more stable, but in the meantime this fix will get you up and running if the version.txt file is the only thing that got disrupted.

Thank you. I followed your instructions even though I had an empty version page and it’s come back!

This fixed my incompatibility issue as well. Thank you so much!