I’m seriously confused, and freaking out just a little bit. This morning and this afternoon on both my plane rides Scrivener was working great. I had just updated to the new system and it seemed to be working fine. This evening, when I got on however, I got the message that my current project was incompatible with the new version of Scrivener.
I’m freaking out just a little bit. My entire novel is gone and I have no idea how to get it back.
Please help?

Don’t freak out! It’s all accessible as .rtf files, worst case scenario, but I don’t think it will come to that.

Open your project’s .scriv folder and open the Files folder there. If you see a version.txt file, open that in a plain text editor (Notepad, for example) and make sure it says “16” (no quotes). If it doesn’t, type that in and save it. If you don’t see the version.txt file at all, open Notepad and create a new file with the text “16” and save it as “version.txt” in [YourProjectName].scriv\Files.

That’s usually the problem. Give it a try and report back!

Hi there,

I seem to be having the same problem, or a related one, to this. However, the following items are different:

  1. My version.txt file is there and it contains the “16” (and did already).
  2. I am unable to open any of my (three) projects; in one case, it appears to open but then nothing happens–I end up with the sample document. In another, I get a completely blank non-document, though it appears to have opened something. Once or twice, I got an “incompatible with the current version” error.

I also tried the Export function, thinking that perhaps it was there and I just couldn’t see it (as others have reported). Nothing exported, though it appeared to think it was exporting something.

My beta trial expire and I haven’t used the software in a while (probably mid-January) because I was in the process of relocating to Malaysia, closing down the UK house, etc. All that’s done, we’re here and settled (same PCs, same software etc) and I need to get to work.

I HAVE NOW TRIED THIS ON TWO PC SYSTEMS, both running XP, with the same result.

I trust that the files are there (because you say they are) but have no idea how to get at them – either in .rft or Scrivener format. At this point, I don’t care which way I get them; I just need to get busy with them.

Any help appreciated. I’d really like to get my files and am working hard at not being nervous about it. It’s not working very well though.

Many thanks, cyn

Hi cyn,

The files are saved in your project’s .scriv folder, so basically in Windows Explorer you’d navigate to [YourProjectName].scriv\Files\Docs and there you’d find a bunch of .rtf files named by number. These files are numbered according to the order you create them in the Scrivener project, so they may be out of order for your actual scenes, but you can copy all these files out and reconstruct them/rename them as you like. (Don’t rename them within the Scrivener project folder, but you can copy them elsewhere on your computer and rename the copy.)

Could you explain this a little more or provide a screenshot? What do you mean it opens the sample document–the Tutorial project? (If so, that sounds like you may have Scrivener set to open the most recently opened document on program launch–you can edit this in Edit>Options under the General tab, but it’s this way by default–and so that’s opening when Scrivener runs; meanwhile the project you really want is failing to load, obviously.) For the blank document, is the project window open but showing nothing in the editor even when your document is selected in the binder and displayed in text view (View>Document)? Is the binder empty?

A couple things to try to get the Scrivener project opening, though (after updating to beta 023, if you haven’t yet):

  1. Check in that .scriv project folder for any documents labeled “Conflicted” or something similar. If you’ve ever used a sync or backup program, it may have created a conflicted copy within the folder which is preventing Scrivener from opening the project.

  2. Copy the .scrivx file within the .scriv folder and paste it in the same place, then delete the original and remove the “Copy” from the file name of the duplicate. I think this may only be an issue if your project ever touched a Mac, but it’s worth trying just in case.

  3. Email the project to support at literatureandlatte–there may be something goofed up with the .scrivx file that can be corrected for you (and may help figure out what happened, to avoid this in the future for any other users).

Also, grab a towel and don’t panic!