Incomplete, extra backup created, containing only folder 'Files'?


Whenever I choose to backup, a good backup is made, but at the same time the system creates a backup that contains only a folder ‘Files’. While my computer indicates this incomplete backup is created at the same time as the good backup, it somehow has a timestamp from almost two weeks ago.

Does anyone know why my project makes these broken and unwanted ‘by-products’, and how to stop that?

That’s weird, seems to be gone now, now that my oldest backup file has been ‘rotated out’ (I keep 5 ‘calamity backups’ in rotation). Maybe it had something to do with that. Will keep this thread updated if this occurs again.

EDIT: no, it’s back again. With a backup it creates an incomplete backup (now containing an empty folder) at the same time.

Is there a way to fix this?