incomplete info in "Scriptwriting Mode" topic in intro tutorial

I’m just beginning with Scrivener, and am working through the tutorial (the whole thing! Not the “quick start” mode!)
In Step 3, I come to the info below, which turns out to be incomplete:

Scriptwriting Mode
The footer view will change depending on what you are viewing inside the document. For instance, if you are typing a script (such as a movie screenplay), the footer view will give you information on the various script elements. Try selecting Format > Scriptwriting > Script Mode - Screenplay from the main menu now. You will see another pop-up menu appear on the right saying “General Text” (this just means that the currently selected text isn’t recognised as a part of a screenplay). Click into the text on the line below:


However, when I select Format > Scriptwriting > Script Mode - Screenplay
no new popup menu appears on the right. After several minutes, I finally figured out that the new popup menu appears at the right OF THE FOOTER, not to the right of the Format > Scriptwriting… menu.

Mayhaps the tutorial-author thought it would be IMPLIED that the new popup would be in the footer, but because I’m a longtime Windows user, I thought it meant that the new popup would show up at the right of the Format menu. So I didn’t look in the footer – until I couldn’t find the alleged popup where I thought it would be.