Inconsistency between Mac and PC[NOTED]


I used Dropbox to sync files. I added a document to the binder of a scrivener file in my office PC last night, before I left office. I was sure I closed the Scrivener and Dropbox finished syncing.

When I got home and open the same file in Mac, the new document I added to my binder was not there. I was mad and actually found the file is in the scrivener package, but it just didn’t show up in the binder. I added another new document in Mac, and then close it and wait for it finishing syncing before coming to office. When I open it in office, again the new document I added at home did not show up in binder in PC.

This inconsistency is really a big burden for me. Does any one know what’s the problem and how to fix it? I’m already very careful in using Dropbox to sync files…



It sounds like the .scrivx file is not getting updated correctly. That would explain how the files are there, but they aren’t showing up in the binder. You could check in the Dropbox web interface and verify the .scrivx file is being uploaded correctly and with a reasonable timestamp. That’s the first step I would take.

I checked the scrivx file, and it’s up to date.

Now when I work on Mac and PC, the file just seems to be 2 separate versions. The changes I made on Mac do not sync to PC, and vice versa. I did follow all your suggestions on how to use Dropbox to sync files.

Now this becomes more and more inconvenient…

This isn’t a common problem that I know of, in fact it’s the first time I’ve heard of it happening consistently. Once or twice every once in a while, sure, that’s just the way of the Internet—it’s never going to be as reliable as a hard disk—but consistently, that could indicate some problem on one of your computers or maybe both, in how reliable your connexion is to Dropbox.

What I’d recommend is using the .zip file method. On the Mac you can automate most of that by setting up your automatic backup settings to zip up a backup on project close, and set the save location to your Dropbox folder. It’s not a bad idea to do that anyway as it keeps your backups global. On the PC though you’ll need to remember to backup to zip before you quit and save that zip file in the Dropbox zone. The idea is to use Dropbox to transfer zip files between computers. Not quite as convenient, but it’s much more resilient to spotty errors like this, since the zip file serialises all of the individual files into a single file.

As you suggested, I zipped the whole folder when I was working on Mac. Then I came to office, unzip the file, and opened the unzipped folder using Scrivener for Windows. The same thing happens: all my changes in binder (folder structure, new documents, etc.) in Mac does NOT carry over to PC.

Can anyone help?