Inconsistency between treeview and text after a search

This is using the latest version.
To reproduce:

  1. In a project with multiple Texts search for something using the toolbar search control that isn’t in the current Text (Text A).
  2. Click on one of the resultant Texts from the reduced project treeview so you are now within it (Text B).
  3. Now click X to clear the search control, the treeview will now be highlighting Text A (i.e. its pre-search state), but the Text view will be of Text B.

This is inconsistent and has the potential to cause unwitting loss of data etc. The correct behaviour probably should be tree and text pointing to Text B?

This aside (it jars every time, though I know it is coming) I’m really finding Scrivener useful for my MBA dissertation.

(oh, and I think your BB server clock isn’t adjusted for the ‘summer’ time)

This will be improved upon in 2.0 - in 2.0 leaving the search will cause the currently selected documents in the search results to be viewed in the binder (“tree view” is the Windows term for an “outline view”, and in Scrivener it is known as the “binder”). In the meantime, you can always hit opt-cmd-R (View > Reveal in Binder) to leave the search and show any documents selected therein in the binder.

All the best,

Hi Keith,
Thanks for the speedy reply. I’ll look forward to 2.0.

Apologies for dirtying the board with Windows dev terminology; the day job crept out :wink:


Ha! :slight_smile: