Inconsistent behaviour regarding colons in title prefix

I set this as the title prefix in my compile settings: "Chapter <$hn>:: "

I had to insert a double colon because otherwise there would be no colon in my Scrivener links (now there’s one, as required). But chapter titles DO display the double colon.

2.1 on 10.6.8 on Intel


This isn’t a bug. See the “Title Adjustments” pane in Compile, in particular the “Title prefix separator for updated links”. This replaces any punctuation and whitespace between the prefix and document title. Without this, if you have a line break between the prefix and the title, you would get a line break in the text. For instance, suppose you have a prefix of “Chapter <$t>\n”, so that your title comes out:

Chapter One
Doc Title

You’re not going to want it to appear like that in the text, or in a linked table of contents. The default prefix separator is " - ", meaning that the above would appear as “Chapter One - Doc Title” when used in Scrivener link.

In your case, the fix is therefore to set the prefix separator to a colon followed by a space.

Hope that helps.

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Thanks for the quick reply!

Unfortunately, however, this probably won’t work for me. If I do as you said, then all my prefixes are treated the same way. But I have different prefixes set for different levels and would like to keep this consistent throughout the document.
I guess I’ll have to do as I did originally, and then delete the doubled colon in my 7 chapter titles. Seems like the approach with the least work.
Screen shot 2011-08-24 at 3.49.48 PM.png

Hmm, that’s a good point. I’ve added it to my list to change the “Title prefix separator…” to “Override title prefix separator…” and make it a checkbox, so that you will be able to turn off this behaviour. I can’t promise it will make it into 2.1.1, but it is on the list for a 2.x update.

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This probably won’t help me anymore this time (I’m hoping to print and hand in by Friday), but if it’s useful for others, then that’s good.