Inconsistent formatting support when copy and pasting

I’m putting this under a bug, but I might be wrong and it’s something on my end. But regardless, I’ve noticed that when copy and pasting text from another resource and putting it in Scrivener doesn’t always keep the formatting.

For context: a friend and I are collaborative writing partners and while I keep our projects compiled in Scrivener for convenience, she has yet to try it. So until she’s ready for the free trial and potential money commitment, we’ve been exchanging our writing via email and google docs. And I’ve noticed, while copying over, that while italics, bold, and underline are typically kept, if there is a strikethrough in the text the strikethrough isn’t and then whatever other formatting that it had with it is gone too.

Is this something I’m doing? I know Scrivener natively supports strikethrough text; I can manually add the formatting back in after. Or is this a bug?

I am using Scrivener 3 for Windows.

I know copy and paste is quick an easy. When keeping formatting is important, you might want to export files to the .odt file Format.
On File > Import > files Scrivener will convert it back to Rich Text.
Exchanging Rich Text is also available via File > sync > Sync to External folder.

Collaborating on one project, you might consider exchanging the latest date stamped backup. Your friends has to run a working copy of Scrivener in that case.