Inconsistent Indents

Hi, I’m having a problem with first line indents. Most of the time, the first line in a new paragraph automatically indents but sometimes it doesn’t. I’ve tried backspacing, then hitting enter multiple times on these lines to get an indent but nothing works. It happens both for single line and multiple line paragraphs. Any ideas how I can fix this?

Also, in some chapters, the first line indent looks like it’s about five spaces. In other chapters, it’s about ten spaces. I’ve tried hitting Decrease First Line Indent on the latter but it’s grayed out. Could this be because some material is pasted from a Word Doc? How can I get everything to be consistent?


When you hit return, the paragraph formatting is always copied from the paragraph you are currently editing. So if you have an indent and hit return, there will be the same indent in the next paragraph. For paragraphs that are formatted differently, you can always copy and paste the formatting using the commands in the Format > Formatting menu. It could well be that some material is pasted from a Word document, though. If you just want to convert all formatting to use the default editor formatting, select the affected documents and use Documents > Convert > Convert Formatting to Default Style. Only do this if you are happy for all of the formatting in all the selected documents to be made the same, though (bold, italics and so on will be preserved, but the font face and paragraph formatting will be made the same throughout).

All the best,