Incorporating external document during compile

Is it possible to cause the compile process to incorporate an external document’s main content during compile?

I have a number of reports for which the master copy is external to Scrivener. I’d prefer to maintain these outside Scrivener due to the enhanced table capabilities of my office suite and the possibility of amendments to the documents. I am not overly concerned about internal formatting of the documents, but would hope that using the Scrivener pagination is still possible.

If this is not possible and I need to bring the current version of my documents into Scrivener and maintain them there, I may need some guidance/advice on dealing with the tables within Scrivener. The table capability seems quite limited.

Sort of.

You can insert images, using the Linked image functionality discussed in Section 15.7 of the Scrivener (3) manual.

And you can use the #include placeholder (Scrivener 3 only) to insert RTF or plain text files. See the List of Placeholder Tags on the Help menu for more information.

But no, there’s nothing like, say, Microsoft Office’s ability to embed arbitrary Office documents inside each other. The problem is that Scrivener doesn’t know what to do with any format other than image or text files. What does it do with a spreadsheet that won’t fit inside the user-defined page? Or a format that it can’t convert at all?


Thank you, Katherine. I think I can work with this.

FWIW, when I did a report with lots of complicated tables, I did all the text in Scrivener, using captions as placeholders for the tables, which I did in Excel. Then I used Word – the client’s preferred delivery format – to insert the tables at the very end.