Incorporating feedback

Hi I am still a newbie here. Can you please advise what the best process is for incorporating feedback on a text ? For example I have a draft to give to someone, I assume I need to export it to word, pass it to the reviewer. They will then annotate that text. If I wanted to work then with that text and incorporate their revisions (assuming they used track changes) can this be inported back and used as a draft copy within scrivener?

thank you Zoe

Scrivener cannot read Word’s Track Changes markup, so you’ll need to review changes in Word. Scrivener will preserve Word comments, though.

When you Compile the output document, you can incorporate links that will point back to the individual items in the Scrivener project. If you can trust your reviewer not to break those links, they can facilitate matching up the sections. (See Section 20.2.3 in the Mac Scrivener manual.) If not, you can use the Import and Split command to break the imported file into sections that may or may not – depending on exactly how things are structured – line up with the original.

Whether (and when) to pull the manuscript back into Scrivener at all is a matter of taste. In my own experience, making major structural changes is so much easier in Scrivener that it’s worth a fair amount of effort to bring a large manuscript requiring major edits back in. In contrast, Word handles proofreading/line editing-type changes pretty well, so it may be easier to stick with Word once you reach that point.