Incorrect file type when save in ODT format.

Scrivener v Beta 1.6
OS Windows XP sp3
Computer Dell Precision PWS380 Pentium D 2.80 Ghz
3.5 Gb RAM

Problem description:
Compiling a document in ODT format works however the file type is set to “*.” which displays nothing but folders in the explorer window.

Expected behaviour:
The file type should be set to *.odt" allowing all the odt files to be displayed.

Minimum steps to reproduce.
Compile a document, select “Format As” to be “Custom”.
Change “File Type” to “Open document Format (.odt)”.
Press the “Compile” button.

When I did those steps, I got a file that was filename…odt. (Was using the windows version via WINE.) It opened just fine in Open Office, though. So for a workaround, you could always rename the file.

That is not the bug.

The file is saved in the correct format and opens in OpenOffice correctly.

The bug is that the file type should show “.odt" in the drop down list not ".”

If the file had not saved in the correct format I would have reported that as a separate bug.