Incorrect keyboard Layout on Stage (Editor)

Hi, first of all, sorry about my English.

I am in 30 days trial, but I have noticed a strange behavior on stage (editor). I guess this behavior is linked to my keyboard layout. If I wrote on titles place and corkboard, my layout works perfectly, but when I wrote on editor is like I was writing Portuguese using English layout. Another strange thing I have noticed is Scrivener use TextEdit app and my TextEdit app, outside Scrivener, works perfectly with my keyboard layout.

PS. I am not sure, but it may be some kind of bug. I am using a US keyboard configured to Brazilian Portuguese. I will attach my layout config if any developer wants to look at. This file has two layouts: one for people using US keyboard to write Brazilian Portuguese (my case - Layout name = Brazil) and other to people using Brazilian Portuguese Keyboard (Layout name = Brazilian).

If you need more information, just ask and I will ready to help.

Thanks in advance (106 KB)

Try disabling “Use typographer’s quotes” in the Typography preferences - I think this can play up with languages other than English. Let me know if that helps (or not).

Great!!! Now editor is working with my keyboard layout.
Thank you, very much!

Glad that helped. The next update has an “Automatic” option under the quotes language which uses Leopard’s built in smart quotes (if you are using Leopard) instead of Scrivener’s custom smart quotes if selected, so with the next update you should be able to get smart quotes without these issues (provided you are using Leopard).
All the best,