Incorrect page headings after part divider in Windows Manual

Greetings, all.

Another peculiarity I noticed this evening going through the Windows user manual (version 1.8.5-01).

After a part divider page, the page headings for the following introductory text (up until the next chapter) reflect the last chapter/section before the part divider.

Forex, on page 40, section 6.6, Compiling the Draft begins.
page 40 header: CHAPTER 6. QUICK TOUR
page 41 header: 6.6. COMPILING THE DRAFT
page 42 header: CHAPTER 6. QUICK TOUR
page 43 begins PART II
page 44 header: CHAPTER 6. QUICK TOUR
page 45 header: 6.6. COMPILING THE DRAFT
page 46 begins Chapter 7.

I would expect Pages 44 and 45 to have headers that aren’t referring back to Chapter 6 in Part 1.

I’ve seen this after every part divider.

Yeah, that’s an old problem that I never got around to debugging. The problem is that the stylesheet I started with did not have things set up so that text could be added directly after a part, before a chapter had been declared. Chapters and sections are what reset the heading indicators, so if there is enough text to cause a header to appear within the part introduction, you get the heading from the last section. What I’ll probably do next time around is just insert a formal introduction section (unnumbered so it doesn’t end up in the ToC), or figure out how to suppress headings if a part extends beyond one page. Or just abstain from blathering on about the part. :slight_smile: But I do like the idea of introducing the motivations for that part, and providing some quick navigation points to areas of common interest.

Yeah, I like how it’s laid out, no complaints there, and I figured it was something like that, but on the off chance you didn’t know about it I figured I’d report it.

Thanks for the response! I still really love this program.