Incorrect Project word count

I’ve seen many posts about this but cannot seem to find the answer I need. I started using Scrivener a few weeks ago. I copied and pasted everything over from my google docs file. I started out with 122526 words on May 6. I wrote more last week but didn’t check the word count. Today I wrote 1778 words so I would expect to at least see 124,304, but when I look at the Project Statistics, I see 122,669. I don’t believe that I have deleted more than a handful of words, definitely not more than I added. I have moved things around in folders, but not removed anything to speak of.

Furthermore, I am confused about the difference between my manuscript count which only shows 114,936 and my Selection word count when highlighting the Manuscript folder shows 122,669.

I have done the Save and Rebuild Indexes command and closed and reopened multiple times. I have checked and all of my files have Include in Compile selected.

Thoughts? I really like what I’ve seen in Scrivener otherwise, but I’m feeling paranoid that I’m losing words somewhere and not able to track progress.