Incorrect quote-mark inserted

I’ve been appreciating the ability to insert Typographically Correct :slight_smile: quote-marks as I work in Scrivener. I have noticed a few situations in which it inserts an incorrect character, though.

If I type a space, then "quote, the correct quote-mark appears.

But if I type a space, then ("quote, the opening quote-mark is the reverse of what it should be. This also happens if the character preceding the quote-mark is any of the following:

[ { { <
I don’t know of a situation in which a closing quote to the immediate right of the paren (or other such character) would be desirable.

Using Control+Shift+[/b] to convert temporarily to "prime" marks, then [b]Control+ to convert back to typographic quote-marks, does not fix the characters.

I can confirm this bug.

Thanks for that. So often one runs across bugs that can’t be confirmed…

Thanks, guys, this is on the bug list. In the meantime you can use the additional substitutions to replace the [” combo with [“ and so on. Copy and paste each version with the smart quotes from the editor into the substitutions panel, for all the various bracket types that you need.

Yes, tech support also replied about this by mail. I’d first tried substituting (" with the correct sequence, but it doesn’t work. But this does work: first type that sequence into a page and let it be formatted incorrectly:


Copy the above to the clipboard and paste it into the substitutions dialog as the “before” string. Then a bit more copying and pasting — combine two characters, typed out of sequence, so that they represent the correct sequence:


…and use that as the “after” string in the dialog.

Yes, sorry if I was unclear, that’s what I meant by copying the smart quote version. The switch to smart quotes will happen before the substitution, so it needs to use the specific smart quote style in order to be recognised and subbed.