Incorrect smart quotes after em-dash

When closing dialogue with an em-dash (see example) the wrong smart quote shows up every time.

It does it with em-dash, end-dash and 3-em dash. The close quote isn’t recognised for either single or double quotation marks and produces another opening quote mark.


Thanks. I spent a looong time searching to see if someone else reported the issue and never found this thread.

When I’m closing a quotation with em-dash or ellipsis, I type space (because I like spaces around them, as in the AP style manual) and use a TextExpander snippet to change

[/code] to [code]
— ”


[/code] to [code]
… ”

The result is em-dash or ellipsis followed by a non-breaking space and the correct closing quote. (Leave out the spaces if you don’t want them.) The non-breaking space prevents the ending quotes sometimes pushing to the next line by itself.

There are several TextExpander equivalents.