Incorrect subheading on forum [ADDRESSED]

Currently, if you take a look at the banner at the top of every forum page, it proudly states
“Literature and Latte”
Next to a picture of a book and a mug (presumably of the aforementioned latte).

However, below that, it says:
“A place for readers, writers, coffee drinkers and tautologies; also the home of Scrivener for Mac OS X”

I think an “and Windows” is an appropriate two words to append to the end of that, despite the beta status. This is still the home of the software, after all :wink:

Yes, I realize you have much, much more important things to worry about in terms of bug fixes and NaNoWriMo, and so on and so forth, but I thought I’d still point it out :slight_smile: I figure it’ll get fixed sooner or later.

Good point. AmberV/KB how do we change this, or is it global to the entire forum?