Incorrect Sync Conflicts - How to fix

I’m running into a repeating issue using Scrivener on multiple iOS devices.
I have a project that is only used on iOS devices, and hasn’t been opened in weeks on the desktop.

Issue: If I switch between working on two iOS devices (always syncing between) any changes I make on one device get flagged as conflicted documents on another device.

To replicate:
Use device 1 (iPad Air running latest iOS)
Sync all projects
Open project
Edit something
Go back to project view
Sync all projects
Shut down device 1

Use device 2 (iPhone 6+ latest iOS)
See that project is need need of a sync
Sync all projects
See that sync has completed
Open project
Confirm Dropbox is in sync
Get told that conflicted documents have been created
Confirm that all documents edited on device1 now have a conflicted document and edits don’t show in original document

It gets worse…

If you move the conflicted documents to somewhere useful and then sync again, and switch devices, syncing at all the right times…
Then the conflicted documents created on device 2 can’t be synced correctly by device 1 and four conflicted documents become eight conflicted documents.

So in summary I have a project that works wonderfully when syncing between 1 desktop and 1 iOS device, but attempts to switch between iOS devices results in conflicted documents getting created every single time.

So… I’m assuming something is FUBAR in this project as there’s no way I believe this glitch is affecting everyone.

What’s the best way to fix the glitch? Fix all conflicts on the desktop, create a newly renamed project bundle, let it all sync and test to see if that helps?

Hi Jenny,

My setup (PC, iPad Air 2, iPhone 5s) is similar to yours, and I have been able to sync between/jump between any of those devices without issue.

The list of steps you take (great that you provided all the detail!) is also similar to mine, except that I explicitly close iOS Scrivener before I shut down. But I doubt that would make any difference–your process looks fine to me.

As a next step I suggest you clear the DropBox cache on both iDevices. Settings > Scrivener > Reset Scrivener > Clear Dropbox Sync Cache. As I’m not 100% sure what this does, before you run it be sure to create an archive from your iDevices, so you have a backup if things go sideways!

If that doesn’t work, and no one here chimes in with an alternative approach, I think your idea of fixing on the desktop and renaming would be the next step. And if that doesn’t do it, as a last resort you may want to create a new empty project on the desktop and then pull the documents that you need from the troubled project.

Hope that helps,