Incorrect version of Scrivener

Hi - I tried to open one of my Scrivener projects and was presented with the following error codes:

"The project you are trying to load uses an older format and cannot be opened. Would you like to update it? A copy of the old project will be saved in the same directory.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you choose to update this project, make sure that you do not try to open the updated project using a version of Scrivener earlier than 1.10. Versions of Scrivener earlier than 1.10 will mistake the newer format for an older one and offer to update it - but doing so will corrupt the file (although a backup will be created which will still be usable)."

Okay, so I have version 1.11 and clicked ‘OK’. Even after waiting hours, the update process is not completed. Any way I can get this fixed?

Zip up the original project (when you chose to update a back up will have been created in the same folder as the project - send me the backup version as that will be a copy of the un-updated project) and send it to support AT literatureandlatte DOT com and I’ll take a look.
All the best,

Thank you, Keith. I just emailed the backup file as your requested.

Any update on this? Haven’t heard a peep.