Incorrect Word Count When Various Parts Selected?

I might not be understanding something here, so please feel free to correct me, if that is the case.

My novel consists (at the moment, anyway) of 8 parts, with each part containing a number of scenes.

The hiearchical structure consists of the following folders:
‘Novel Manuscript’ - ‘Novel Parts’ - ‘Part 1’ (and scenes), ‘Part 2’ (and scenes), and so on.

I thought that I would like to get a total word count for all of the ‘Parts’ folders combined, so I selected all of the ‘Parts’ folders (assuming that the scenes within each part would be counted).

The Word Count displaying at the bottom of the screen is 6,396, whereas if I select the ‘Novel Manuscript’ folder I get 25, 938, and if I select the ‘Novel Parts’ folder, I get 25, 918.

The ‘Novel Manuscript’ and ‘Novel Parts’ folder word counts are correct.

Why, though, am I not getting the correct summary if I start a level lower, and select all of the ‘Parts’ folders?

Thanks for any replies.

Yeah there is a subtle thing going on here, if you just select individual folders in Scrivenings mode, you’ll only see the text of those folders themselves, not all of the stuff beneath them as well. It’s made that way so you can isolate one level like that in case you ever need to. If you just want to see everything, it’s better to select the level above the parts, as you have noticed.

Also, you can get total draft statistics from the Project menu as well, which will probably be faster and you don’t have to change what you’re looking at to do it.

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Thanks very much, AmberV :grinning: