Increase / Decrease Indent shortcut keys

When writing outlines and using bullets, I am constantly needing to increase and decrease indent. Using the pull-down menu is laborious. What are the shortcut keys that I can use instead?

Thank you.

Shortcut keys are described in the manual.

They also can be referenced through the Help Menu.

They also are listed on the pull-down menu.


I checked out the manual and see on page 472 the same shortcut keys are noted as in the pull down menu. I must not be doing it; perhaps I am mistaking one or more of the keys for it’s true identity?

I don’t know the names of these symbols, but I will try to describe.
The first symbol appears to be ^ . It the upward facing arrow-like symbol which shares the 6 key and is enabled by pressing the SHIFT KEY+6 key?
The second symbol which kind of resembles a sliding pond with two dashes at the top, a diagonal line, and dash at the bottom – is that the SHIFT KEY? I am unfamiliar with that symbol and do not see it on my keyboard.
The third symbol I recognize as the COMMAND KEY.
The fourth symbol as viewed on the pull down menu is a right arrow. I know where my left, right, up, and down arrows are.

When I try to hit all those keys, which is not easy by the way, I do not get the increase indent; and inversely when I press all those keys with the left arrow, I do not get the decrease indent.

So, though this description is somewhat convoluted, and I apologize for that, I hope that you can tell me which keys I must press to get this desired outcome. My request must seem idiotic, but what can I say? :confused:

Thanks for your reply and patience!

You are not getting the keys right.

The thing that looks like the carat symbol is representing the CONTROL key.

That is not shift, but the OPTION key.

So, for example, increasing the indent of a paragraph has a default key command of:


Ah, yes, that works! Thank you!

I can understand using the symbols on the pull down menu for brevity, but why not spell it out, like you did for the manual?

Here’s another silly question. I don’t see a button that indicates, ‘Problem Solved’. Am I not seeing it, or is it not there?

Because these are standard Mac symbols for the keys that have been in use since the middle ’90s (and even further back into the ’80s for some of them). There is a symbol reference for those unfamiliar with modifier key nomenclature in the very beginning of the user manual. Plus, I just think it looks better than typing out their long names. :slight_smile:

You mean here, on the forum? If you wish you can edit the subject line of your original post to include “[SOLVED]” or similar, but there is no formal system or feature. This is just a general discussion board, not a help ticket system or something more specialised. :slight_smile:

Well, I thank you all again for your time and wisdom!