Increase/Decrease Indents keyboard shortcuts disabled in MacOS Mojave

I routinely increase and decrease paragraph indentations via the ctrl-opt-cmd-arrow keyboard shortcuts. But those key commands don’t work in MacOS Mojave, Since upgrading, the only way to increase or decrease indents is by clicking on the menu commands, a time consuming distraction.

Other key commands work fine; the ones I use, at least.

These keys work fine for me on Mojave - could you have assigned them to anything else, or have any other apps installed that might be interfering? The way keyboard shortcuts work is that an app can definite them, as Scrivener does, but they can be interrupted if another foreground worker app gets in the way or takes precedence, or if the user overrides the shortcuts in System Preferences.

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I’ve had the same issue. Do you have Magnet installed? The keyboard shortcuts work for me when I exit Magnet