Increase Performance in Full Screen Mode

To do so (especially on older machines), go to Preferences -> Full Screen and activate the option “Hide main window”.

Since doing that, it works a gillion times faster on my PowerMac G4 400 (before it was extremely laggy).

Thanks for reminding me about this - I must put this in the Help file (AmberV, if this is around, it should definitely go in the FAQ).

This improves full screen performance a lot, even on newer machines. The performance issue arises when you have the same document open in the main window as in full screen. In fact, you could potentially encounter the same lag if you have the same text open in split screen on a really large monitor with both editors sized to be relatively big. I investigated it a few weeks ago in a really basic test application, and it turns out to be an Apple text system issue. Basically, if the same piece of text is displayed in two places at the same time and a lot of the text has to be rendered, a slow down is caused by the OS X text system trying to keep them in sync. It’s only generally noticeable in full screen mode because you tend to have more text visible in full screen. The less text you have visible, the less of a lag there will be. And thus, if you hide the main window during full screen sessions, the lag goes away. :unamused:

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No problem, I forgot all about that option; I’ve always had it set to hide. This sort of lag is also especially noticeable when you have the Corkboard turned on, and edit the synopsis for a card in the Inspector instead of right in the card.

Actually, this isn’t quite the same issue. In this latter case, Scrivener is continually updating the corkboard as you type in the inspector. I could set a slight delay on this, so that the corkboard is only updated when you finish (or pause) typing. That would probably be better…


Considering that, when editing in the opposite direction (typing in the card in the Corkboard), the Inspector does not update until you done editing–I think that would be a perfectly reasonable change. :slight_smile:

By the way, why isn’t “Hide main window” set to default? Because of the dual screen users? I think, those are really in the minority. Or what is the reason - i just can’t see any sense in it. I nearly would have changed to another prog, just cause of the lagging full screen mode, even if would have missed all the other features of scrivener.

It is set to default in the latest beta (available from the Beta Testing thread). It wasn’t on by default before because I didn’t know about this OS X bug until a couple of weeks ago. Much as I would love to be, I am not omnipotent. :slight_smile:

Great. I just was a little bit angry, cause i like your program so much and thought something like: “Well, it’s great, but you need a damn Mac Pro for running it.” But that is not the truth, and i’m really happy bout that :smiley:. Wish you all the best for success of your work.

:slight_smile: Thanks. Yeah, it would bug me as a user too - and the fact that the issue is there annoys me, as there is nothing I can do about it. But at least there is a workaround…
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