Increase Visible Entries in Metadata Drop-Down Lists?


First, KUDOS on Lightning fast, for starters!

Now, Is it possible to increase the default number of entries appearing in the metadata pulldown (dropdown) list window? Eliminating scrolling would save time.

Thx, kraml

KW: pull down drop down dropdown pulldown drop-down pull-down

Thanks, glad you’re liking 1.5.3! Could you be more specific about the meta-data drop-down menu you’re referring to? Where in the interface is this?

Over in the Inspector, under General Meta-Data, you have two fields: Label: and Status:. Each has a pulldown (or dropdown? sorry). I’ve customized the lists. They are too long to fit in the default window, so I have to hunt by scrolling. I want to make that default window longer, so that I may see the entire list with one click. kraml

That’s a lot of labels! :slight_smile: I’ll add it to the suggestion list, thanks.

Thanks! I did not know if it were customizable somewhere or not. Not a major issue. Thx, kraml