Increasing font size in toolbar and status bar

I found out how to increase the font size for the main toolbar with it’s icons (though it would help if the font size were a little larger still). Is there a way to increase the font size on the line which displays the binder, collections, available font styles, text alignment, spacing etc? And while I am at it, for the status bar at the bottom of the page? Even on a 20" iMac I’m straining to view those features comfortably. Thanks for any help I get.

Hey diggertoo, how do you increase the font size for the main toolbar? I’ve been searching everywhere and you’ve made the only mention of this that I can find. I’ve gotten it to show me text as well as icons, but I’d love to make the text bigger (and the icons bigger too, for that matter).

I too am straining my eyeballs staring at my Mac… Thanks!

I don’t know which solution diggertoo found eleven years ago, but usually you’d scale the interface this way: Change your Mac display’s resolution - Apple Support

Awesome, thank you!
…I thought when I posted that the “11” meant March 11. Of this year. Apparently I was mistaken :rofl:

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Eleven years later or eleven days, the concept remains relevant. :smiley: