Incremental backup from Scrivener

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I hope this hasn’t been suggested before. I’m a technical writer, so my Scrivener projects tend to have several product pdfs, manuals and other bulky files in the Research folder. I back up my current project several times daily as zip a file directly from Scrivener to Dropbox, using the ‘Backup Project To…’ menu item.

Would it be possible to have a ‘Backup only changed items’ preference in Scrivener? Such incremental backups would save time and Dropbox storage space!




The trouble with this is that if Scrivener could do incremental backups, there would be the expectation that it could also reconstruct a project from such incremental backups, which would be a nest of worms.

What you can do, though, is just select the files you have been working on in the binder and use File > Export > Files… to export the selected files in order to back them up.

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Doh! Didn’t think of that. Problem solved, although each export now needs selecting and naming :slight_smile:
Could you put a checkbox alongside each binder file to select/deselect it for export, so the choice is retained?

Anyway, thanks, Keith. I’m only nitpicking. It’s a fine piece of software, without which I could not do…



I keep all my project material in one Finder Folder. That includes sometimes numerous Scrivener projects (successive drafts), backups, and resource material. To avoid standingtree’s problem, I don’t import most resources (PDFs, rtf tables) to Scrivener, but link to them in the Project Inspector. I make numerous zipped up backups throughout the day in addition to those that JungleDisk makes for me. But the external resources are not reuploaded, because they are not changed.

The Finder folder is also an EagleFiler library folder, but that is another topic.


Sampler -
Your solution also makes good sense! But for me, one of Scrivener’s many beauties is that all a project’s bits can be gathered into one place. Then when I need to check something - weeks, months later - it’s all still there, regardless of the changes (inadvertent or otherwise!) that I’ve made elsewhere on my Mac. Different people, different ways…