Incremental backups

Need to be able to do folder-level backups. My project is too huge and static to warrant frequent backups of the entire thing. Another option would be the ability to back up only changes since last backup (incremental).

You can use File > Export > Files… to export only certain folders as a means of backup. There’s no way to do incremental backups because you would just end up with incomplete, corrupted projects if it tried to do that.

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I use Apple’s “Backup v3.2” to do incremental backups to a USB “thumb” drive. If you can still find it then try that as it works really well and is fast - plus I’ve had to use it to restore a previous version in the past and worked as expected.

Good thing about it is the you can backup to multiple locations (you used to be able to backup to MobileMe before that became iCloud and now you can’t - which is why they’re no longer supporting it) so I actually backup to TWO thumb drives all in one swift move.

You can even exclude files from the backup, backup entire folders or just backup an individual file.

Like I said, if you can still find it then give that a go. Just point it to your Scrivener project and create a backup schedule. The first backup will take aaaaaages if it’s large, but thereafter it’ll only backup what’s changed.

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Thanks to both of you for the suggestions!

Something else that might be worth considering, depending on the nature of your files, is using project references to research items rather than importing them. For supported file types like PDF, you can still view these directly in Scrivener’s editor, but it keeps them out of the project folder and thus will reduce the size of your backups and the time needed to create them. If you keep all your support material together in another folder alongside the project folder, then you can just back that up, or the individual files in it, as needed.