indent all paragraphs in a chapter


Please could you tell me how to set a default indent to apply to the first line of al paragraphs which will be correctly picked up by kindle previewer etc? So far I can only see how to do it for each individual paragraph which is onerous across a whole novel - though I am willing to go that distance if it is confirmed there is no other way but that would seema little impractical?

I have tried highlighting all the content in a chapter and sliding the indent marker on the rule (not a tab) but it will only respond to an individual a paragaraph at a time.

I did post this into a discussion also but am asking here for help please as I don’ t know if that discussion is current

Thanks in advance

In the Compile window, at the Formatting section, the rows of documents with the “Text” checkbox selected are where you want to go to make this adjustment. Make sure the “Override text and notes formatting” checkbox above those rows is selected first. Then click on an appropriate row, and then the “Modify” button above the preview window. Make your adjustments to the sample paragraph. Repeat for each line in the Formatting pane that has the Text checkmark selected, and you should get the output you desire.

Doing things this way let’s you be a bit more “sloppy” with your formatting in the main text, since most things can be cleaned up or changed via the compile dialogue, and will save you a lot of effort.

I’m not an expert when it comes to compiling for e-books, so if this doesn’t work, it may be due to some setting on the reader itself, however.