Indent, line spacing and italics not copying or compiling

I have seen a bit on this before, but not all of these issues. When I compile, italics tend to run past the part of the line they are supposed to be on. Also, line spacing and indents don’t always copy from Word back into Scrivener as they should. I have decided that I will not worry about a lot of this until the final draft, but it would be great to have everything work right the first time. Thanks for the good work!


Hi Ed,

When you say the italics run on past the line, do you mean the entire paragraph ends up italicized or just a few extra words or something else? An example here would be great.

There are some issues with the copy/paste into and out of Scrivener, so I’ll double-check on these in the file on that. Again, an example would help here, as I’m not quite clear what “don’t copy as they should” means–what does it look like to start and how does it look when you paste?

Not trying to be pesky, but all the details I can pass on to Lee really help him to get to the root of the issue quickly and fix it. Thanks!

What seems to happen is that the italics will run to the end of the line.
Original text: “I hope he doesn’t see me in here,” she thought.

Text after pasting: “I hope he doesn’t see me in here,” she thought.

A few times the entire paragraph will be italicized. There doesn’t seem to be any consistency, other than it never seems to end up the way I want it. This happens both on compiling to a Word doc and pasting from Word into Scrivener.



Thanks, I’ve logged this. What format are you compiling to (.doc, .docx, .rtf)?

I’m compiling to .doc