Hi Guys,

I’m trying to indent my texts but they’re not working. The first line of a new chapter should not be indented, but Scrivener always indents it. Do you know how to fix this?

Also, I’m not being able to insert images and work with them into documents…So my “About the Author” page looks absolutely horrid.

I also wanted to insert an image after the chapter title, and the code doesn’t work: <$img:ImageName> under the suffix option in Compile–>Title and Prefix.

Many thanks!

There’s currently no setting in Scrivener on Windows to skip the first-line indent for the beginning of new documents when otherwise overriding formatting in compile. If the documents are formatted as you want them in the editor, you could deselect “Override text and notes formatting” in the Formatting section of Compile. Otherwise this is something you will need to tweak after compiling.

The <$img> tag is not supported on Window. Could you achieve the affect you’re after by inserting the image into a document in the binder and duplicating that through the project so it will be the first item in each chapter group? Or insert the image directly at the top of the first document in each chapter?

As for not being able to work with the inserted images, could you be more specific on what you’re trying to do? Scrivener isn’t an image editor or layout manager, so there are not many options for “working with” an image, but you should be able to right-click the image to choose “Edit Image…” and adjust its size, or select the image and use the format bar tools to change the alignment, spacing, etc. You can use Format > Formatting > Preserve Formatting to ensure these settings don’t change if you are otherwise overriding formatting for the document.

But if I click on “Override” I loose ALL my indents, not only the first line one.

How can I tweak the first line indent on chapters after compiling? Is there a software to help me with this?

Image: Scrivener doesn’t let me insert an image I’ve added to the project into an actual document. So I can’t insert the chapter images, and I can’t insert my author image.

And I’m just trying to resize the images, so that the picture and the “About the author” text fit in one page, but apparently this doesn’t work too.

I was suggesting not selecting “Override text and notes” formatting, thinking that you might currently be overriding your editor formatting with the compile settings and so standardising all the first-line indents that way. If this option isn’t checked, then the text formatting will remain what it is in the editor, so if you remove the first-line indent from the first paragraph of each chapter directly in the editor, it should remain that way when compiled.

If you were going to just remove the indents after compiling, the software would depend on the format you’re compiling to. Microsoft Word or OpenOffice or such if you’re compiling to RTF (and I would do the same for PDF, and then just save/print to PDF from there), something like Sigil if you’re compiling an e-book format. For mobi, compile to epub and edit it in Sigil, then open the edited file in Amazon’s Kindle Previewer to create a mobi copy. The point is just being able to edit the compiled file so you can change some of the paragraph indentation.

You should be able to insert images into a text document by dragging and dropping the imported image from the binder into the text document in the editor. You could also try right-clicking in the text document and choosing “Insert Image” (or using Edit > Insert > Image from File…) to select an image from your hard drive, outside of Scrivener. I’d try using JPG or PNG. Are you getting any kind of error message when trying to insert the image?

How the images fit will depend on your compile format and the page settings for compile, if it’s a format that would have margins etc. Generally I’d say you’re better off doing the resizing in a dedicated graphics program and then just leaving it alone in Scrivener, as the quality of the image will likely be better. That will also let you check the image’s DPI and adjust as necessary for your final compile format. (Dimensions aside, that will also affect the image file size, which may make a difference if you’re working on an ebook and want to keep the size down.) So: calculate what your compile page size is, less the margins, then figure out pixels per inch, then size your image appropriately and insert it into the document.

That’s the thing, I tried removing the indent from the first lines in all chapters, and it didn’t work. Maybe I’m doing something wrong? Is it under text and spacing? Because I tried that and it did not work at all.

I’m using Sigil now, and I managed to delete indentation on the first paragraph, but then there’s this blank space between the first paragraph and the second, and I have no idea how to remove it. Do you know an HTML code for this?

Regarding the images: Managed to insert them, but is there a standard author picture dimension I can use? No idea how to get all those measures…

Thank you so much!

To remove the first line indent in the editor, it’s probably easiest to just place the cursor into that first paragraph and then drag the indent marker on the ruler all the way left, rather than fussing with the options in the Spacing dialog.

The blank space in Sigil could be either an empty line or something like padding that was added to a paragraph. How did you delete the indentation? (I’m assuming that doing so caused the spacing problem, and not that the extra space was there from the beginning.) A screenshot of what you’re seeing might help.

For the image dimensions and resolution, I’d just do an internet search for whatever ebook format you’re using–and the targeted device–to see what the guidelines and standards are. You may need to experiment a bit too, compiling and checking your results on the actual e-readers to see how it comes out. Amazon has the Kindle Previewer for this, so you can see what your book looks like on different Kindle devices; I believe there are similar programs for other devices/publishers, but I’m not familiar with them.

ooh good point!

I don’t have the rulers in my scrivener, do you know how I can add it?

Here’s what my sigil’s code looks like:


And what I want to delete:

You can toggle the ruler with Ctrl+Shift+R, or Format > Ruler.

For the Sigil file, my guess is that the .scrivener1 class in the stylesheet.css (under the Styles folder in Sigil) has a “margin-bottom” value set. You could try changing that to 0em if so, but make sure that you go through the rest of the book to see that it hasn’t messed up other spacing in doing so. Sigil has a Find/Replace tool that you could use to look for all instances of the .scrivener1 class in the book so you can check how it appears.

If there’s nothing in the .scrivener1 class, is there anything listed for an unmodified “p” in the stylesheet?

The ruler trial didn’t work, the file still compiled with the indents on the first paragraph. Damn -_-

I can’t find any margin bottom when I select scrivener1 or 2… I’m not an HTML pro though (slowly becoming one hehe)
This and the image issue are my last steps toward creating a professional looking book :frowning:

Hm. Definitely if there is no first-line indent set for the paragraph in the editor and “Override text and notes formatting” is not ticked in the compile Formatting settings, you shouldn’t be getting an indent. If you create a new blank project and just put a couple of paragraphs of text into the document there, with a first-line indent on all but the first and compile that to epub, are you still getting an indent? The default compile settings on a blank project won’t override editor formatting, so that should be working.

The margin settings I was talking about wouldn’t be in that XHTML file you’re looking at but in the CSS file:
You’re looking for something like the “margin-bottom” shown here for the .scrivener2 class; in your case, look at the settings for .scrivener1.

The identation for the whole project though, is defined under text–> spacing right?
Is there a place where I can format the whole MS (Font, paragraph, spacing, etc?)

Should I forget about double space and try single line? Maybe that works?

Is there a way I can set up the format in the compile function (the one that overrides my editor format) to the way I want it to be? Maybe that would be the answer?

Damn, I tried saving a test file in Sigil but I can’t open it in Kindle to viewer…

I can’t see the CSS tab for that code : (

I absolutely suck at this coding thing T_T

The default formatting for the editor is set in the Editor tab of Tools > Options, but any document–any paragraph within any document–could have its formatting, including spacing and indentation, changed. You can standardise it all to match the default formatting by selecting the documents in the binder and using Documents > Convert > Formatting to Default Text Style.

That won’t fix the specific issue of wanting to have a different first-line indent for the first paragraph of each chapter, however–it would make everything the same, so after you’d converted everything to the defaults, you’d need to go back to the first paragraph of each chapter and remove the first-line indent, either with the ruler or Format > Text > Spacing. Or leave it all the same in Scrivener and then change it afterward in Sigil.

You can alternatively override the formatting during compile, so it wouldn’t matter if you used different formatting throughout the project because you can clean it all up at this stage for your final output. The problem remains though that at this time there’s no way to tell the compiler to format the first paragraph of each chapter differently from the others, so either they’re all going to have a first-line indent or none of them will. So again, if you went this route and enabled “Override text and notes formatting”, it would clean up the formatting generally, but you’d still need to edit the file afterward to remove the first-line indent on those few paragraphs.

I’m not quite sure what I’m looking at in the Sigil screenshot there, but it doesn’t look right at all for an epub file compiled from Scrivener–it’s missing the CSS file I was talking about as well as a bunch of other files. What I was suggesting was to create a new blank project in Scrivener just to test compiling to the epub format without overriding formatting, so that the indentation you set for the different paragraphs in the editor should stick through compiling, and you could see what that looked like when you opened the file in Sigil. Ensuring that much works might help sort out what’s breaking down in the process when compiling the main project.

Aha, I see what you mean. And it WORKED Jenifer! : D I’ll reset to default formatting and then set the indents through the ruler and un-click “override.”

Thank you so much! I don’t want to be overly dramatic, but you kindda saved my life.

Quick question: Where can I set the standard font to Adobe instead of Courier?

Next step: Figuring the pictures out -_-

Great, I’m glad you’ve got it working now. You can change the default font in the editor options along with the other formatting; click the blue “A” button to access the font settings. Bear in mind though that it won’t matter when compiling to an ebook format, since the readers choose their preferred display font from the ereader’s limited choices.

Awesome, thanks Jen! : D

Hmm…Jen…I can’t find a blue A on my Scrivener…

If we’re talking about the default formatting, it’s under Tools > Options, Editor:

While working in the editor or in document notes, you can change the font for selected text via the pull-down menu on the left of the Format Bar (you can show/hide this via Format > Format Bar) or bring up the full font manager with Format > Font > Show Fonts.

To change the fonts in compile formatting, click into the preview text so it’s selected and then click the blue A in the format bar there, as in the picture above.

Sweet, you are definitely the best. You totally saved Scrivener for me <3 :slight_smile: