Indent Problem Driving Me Away from Scrivener

I have been a loyal Scrivener user for many years. MacOS, iOS, plus Scapple. I’m making a few minor alterations to a previously published novel, and after two days of trying to get a good compile, I’m at a loss. No first line indents are showing up. I’ve been deep into the compile settings, removing anything that would prevent outputting to look just like the editor.

I originally wrote this particular novel in Scrivener 2, and am now using 3. If the only way to accomplish this is to create a new project in 3, honestly, I might as well transition to another platform. I can’t believe this is keeping me from doing what Scrivener promised to help me do - write.

Any help appreciated.

Hey kevingossett,

Great question! I’m sorry that you’re running into this compile issue.

  1. What compile format are you using? (e.g. Manuscript (Times), Modern, etc…).

  2. If you can send a copy of your compiled output and/or a copy of your project for review I may be able to help you identify the issue. You can send it to me at

Happy writing!