Indent Problems

Forgive me if this has already been posted, but I didn’t see it when I searched this forum.

I was compiling my novel into ePub and all the paragraph indents came out all wrong. Some weren’t indented at all, and some were halfway across the page. There was no consistency.

I had problems with indenting on Scrivener where the indents wouldn’t stay and would come undone constantly.

How do I fix this and make my eBook presentable on Kindle?


P.S. I’m using my MAC for this.

Have you considered using the Formatting compile option pane to clean things up? It’s a great tool when the original copy is all over the place, and it further eases you from the burden of always making sure that your formatting correctly while trying to creatively write. The options for this are in the compile screen, under Formatting. You need to enable override formatting at the top, and then click on the text document row. Below the table you should see a mock editor where you can adjust formatting.

Now, one thing this will not fix is if “half” of the paragraphs have a tab stop character inserted at the beginning of the line. This only impacts formatting rules and virtual indent. To strip out tab stops you would need to use the Replacements pane. You could type in a Tab in the first column by holding down the Option key when pressing tab, then leave the second column empty to strip out every single tab character in the manuscript.

The correlation between formatting on screen and in an e-book is always going to involve a little guesswork since devices display things using their own rules, but you should be able to get pretty close.