"Indent" Style?

Is there a way to create an 'indent style"? I’d like to select certain paragraphs - say, quotations - and automatically indent them so that they’ll be distinct from ordinary text. I can do it manually but selecting text, then moving the left and right ruler adjustments. It would be faster if I could select, then simply apply a “style”. I’ve been trying to figure a way to do this with no luck.

You can do this using the Styles pop-up menu on the Ruler in the Editor pane.

Fix a paragraph like you want it, then choose Other… on the styles popup and add it as a new paragraph style.

After you have defined your style, it will appear on the Styles popup on the ruler and you can apply it that way to any paragraph. (Make sure you also have a style that puts things back to how you like to have it when it is not an extended quotation or whatever.)

You can also use OS X’s keyboard shortcut prefs to assign keyboard shortcuts for your styles. (Though the resulting key commands will only work if the ruler is visible in Scriv.)

When you compile draft you can make your custom styles stay internal to scrivener or have them effect your output, depending on what you are using styles for. (I use them to simulate outlining within a document–to structure my thinking on the page, but do not usually want this to effect the paragraph formatting in the compiled output, so I have Compile Draft formatting set to override my Scriv styles.


Thanks, Greg. I’ve been trying to tame this but with mixed results. One shortcut was successful but another just won’t work. In the process, I’ve created two “styles” that I want to delete. How do I do this? I’ve deleted them in my OS X “System Preferences”, “Keyboard & Mouse” section, quit Scrivener several times but the two I created still show up in the Scrivener “Styles” drop down menu. I’ve searched Scrivener “Preferences” for a way to do this but to no avail.

Go back to the Styles pop-up menu and pick Other… again. Click the Favorite Styles nub to select it. You Default style will be shown and the pop-up menu will list your favorites–includes your custom styles. Pick the one you want to delete and then hit the Remove from Favorites button.

As for only some of your keyboard shortcuts working: One thing that might be running interference is that your choice of style name might be the same as some other menu item name in Scrivener. You need to make sure your style name is unique–doesn’t match any other menu item name anywhere in the app (or other styles). Just a thought.


Thanks very much for the FAST! and helpful replies. Scrivener has been a fantastic help in my projects. It’s a very cool application.