Indentation copied from Word 2010 doesn't match in editor

I recently purchased Scrivener (Feb. 2013 for Windows) and began a manuscript document today. I have copied and pasted loads of scenes into the binder view and things were going swimmingly until the last few scenes. I copied and pasted (from a Word 2010 doc by using the shift + cursor method to select my section) and pasted it into the next text window (scene section) as I’d been doing for quite some time. However, suddenly Scrivener did not recognize the formatted paragraph indentations and shifted them a considerable distance to the right. I tried again and yet again to redo the copy and paste procedure including, copying from another version on a flash drive and shutting down all programs to begin again. The paste and match edit did not work either. Backspacing to manually format all the paragraph indents is not fun…is there a fix for this? Did I miss something obvious? I would deeply appreciate your insights and assistance on this matter. Thank you.

Thanks for purchasing! It sounds like the text contains Tab characters, rather than just a ruler indentation. Indents can’t be moved by hitting backspace, which it sounds like you’re able to do here. Try turning on Format > Options > Show Invisibles–if there are little blue arrows at the beginning of the lines, those are the Tabs. The easiest way to remove them is to do a find/replace for them in Word, then copy or import the text into Scrivener again.

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