Indentation in Fiction/Novel format

Hi, a little help if someone can …

I started a project using the Fiction/Novel format. I wrote the first chapter, seems to work well. I added a new document to write the second chapter, but now the formatted indentations for the first sentence of a paragraph (which worked fine in the first chapter) do not appear. I know I can indent myself but I’d like (and would expect) they would be automatically indented. Am I doing something wrong? Or missing a step? Help please.

Wow, so many posts on this forum with no replies. WTF have I got myself into

It sounds like the OP changed the ruler in the first document, so that his/her new indents continued within that document (as expected).

But new documents are created with the default paragraph style/format, which is set in preferences — they are not inherited between documents. So when he/she created a new document, it began not with the one last used in another document, but with the default paragraph formatting.

To change the default paragraph format, you need to go to Preferences > Editing > Formatting and make the adjustments in the dummy text box there.

FYI I ‘fixed’ my lack of indentations in IOS Kindle (when it was present in Scrivener and Mac Kindle) by compiling to the regular .mobi file and not the KF8 version.