indentation of bullet point lists changes after compiling

Hi, guys! Hope everyone is well.
Look, I have a document that has bulleted lists with levels of indentation.
The indentation on my bulleted documents can go up to level 5 (in other words, four times pressing “tab” after the first level bullet is inserted).
This is an example:

[attachment=1]Captura de Tela 2020-10-19 às 21.22.32.png[/attachment]

However, after I compile, the list goes only to level 2 and ignores my higher-level indentation. Here’s the same page after compilation:

[attachment=0]Captura de Tela 2020-10-19 às 19.34.37.png[/attachment]

Any thoughts on how to solve this?

What format are you compiling to?

If you’re using one of Scrivener’s pre-supplied formats, which one?

What tool are you using to inspect the output file?


Katherine, thank you for your answer! Sorry I took some time to answer, but I am new to the forum.

Look, I tried with my own exportation format, and it did not work. Note that even if I use the same style as in the editor, without changing it, it still messes with my indentation. The only way that I can keep the indentation correct is to use the option “as is”. However, this is not good because if I have to submit the work to a specific place that requires specific formatting, it is essential that I could change formatting when compiling.

I also tried with “modern” and “manuscript times” and the problem continues.

The tools I am using to inspect the output file is Microsoft Word (when I export to word) and PDF Expert (when I export to pdf).

Please make sure you have upgraded to the recently released Scrivener 3.2.1.

If that doesn’t help, please open a support ticket. This looks like it may require more focused troubleshooting than is possible in the forum.


Ok, Katherine! I’ve opened the support ticket. Thanks for your response! Bye.