Indentation problem

I’m probably just having a brain spasm, but something I’ve done may times before seems to have stopped working.

I’m trying to format a paragraph where the first line is indented. I’m doing it this way:

Format > Text > Spacing
First Line: 0.20 inches

Nothing happens.

I last did this to a doc a couple of days ago and it went as expected. Same project, in which thing has changed as far as defaults, etc.

What’s funny is that after I do it, if I open the line spacing dialog again, the First Line field shows the correct number.

Different docs, different projects.

What am I overlooking?

Thanks you.

I know it hasn’t been very long, but I’m gonna bump this as it’s hanging me up.

It’s strange how it just stopped working.

The spacing params work as usual. But none of the 3 indents are doing anything. IIRC this is the dialog that had that oddly worded confirmation. I recently (finally) clicked the do not ask again option. Could it be related to that? The timing is about the last time I used indents.

I’d rather not reset all the warnings.

(that must be what it is)

The ruler? First line indents are set through the ruler, not the spacing, which works on the amount of spacing between lines.

Or am I missing something in understanding your problem?


Mr X

Thank you for the reply.

First line indents are controlled through the same dialog as the line spacing.

I don’t believe the ruler has anything to do with that, though it does seem like it might. But I haven’t made any changes to the default ruler or the default anything that would account for it.

This across documents old and new, and multiple projects.

What’s strange is the the dialog is showing the correct First Line indent value. It’s just not showing up in the editor. It’s not a redraw problem.

Yes, reset the warnings. You’ll then get the question of whether you want to apply indentation as well as spacing, to which you must previously have answered (and permanently set to) no.

The combo spacing/indentation box is a quirk of Qt, which we mean to revamp in the major-version overhaul. Until then, the question dialog tries to minimize the unwanted results of having indents set in the “spacing” controls.

Thanks, MM.

Is there any way to reset just that one warning flag?

Or maybe a list of everything that gets cleared by using Reset all warnings?

Just trying to help as the OP needed to bump the thread, and as I’m on a Mac …

Although I have used Windows Scrivener to work with my collaborator, I never bothered with indents in Scrivener as I dealt with them after compiling using my WP, so I presumed Windows and the Mac would be alike in this.

mea culpa :blush: :blush: :blush:

Mr X

Hey Mr X. No mea culpa necessary. I appreciate your help. :slight_smile:

I never bothered with indents either until recently, and still don’t use them much. But as my documents have been getting cleaned up, I’ve started working with single 1.0x spaces between paras, so the indents become helpful. I find, not surprisingly, that it gives me a better sense of text density.

What I’d love is to be able to search paragraph codes, so I can replace double paragraphs with singles.